Cold Brand Dyes (Dichloro Triazine Type)

These dyes are of particular interest in the dyeing and printing of cellulosic fibres, such as Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Cuprammonium and Polynosic rayons.

`M’ Brand Dyes are highly reactive requiring comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation. They are primarily of interest in dyeing at normal room temperature (about 25-35ºC) using Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate.

`M’ Reactive Dyes are applicable to cellulosic textiles by Batch – wise, semi-continuous and Continuous methods in conventional textile machinery like Open-vat, Package, Jet, Jig, Winch and Padding Mangle. The versatility in various application procedures and the availability of a wide range of bright and fast shades are the outstanding features of this class dyestuffs

Product CI Name
Red M5B Reactive Red 2
Red M8B Reactive Red 11
Pink MB Reactive Red 74
Yellow M4G Reactive Yellow 22
Yellow M8G Reactive Yellow 86
Yellow M4R Reactive Orange 14
Yellow M3R Reactive Orange 84
Golden Yellow MR Reactive Yellow 44
Orange M2R Reactive Orange 4
Product CI Name
Violet M4R Reactive Violet 12
Magenta MB Reactive Violet 13
Blue MR Reactive Blue 4
Navy Blue M3R Reactive Blue 9
Blue M2R Reactive Blue 81
Blue M4GD Reactive BLue 168
Blue M7RX Reactive Blue 161