ED Dyes (Tri-Functional Dyes)

The ED range of novel reactive dyestuffs has been designed and developed to satisfy increasing Ecological, Efficient and Economic standards. There are recommended for cellulosic fibers, including blends, for use in exhaust and continuous dyeing. ED dyes provide the following advantages :

  • Excellent dyeing performance
    — Excellent exhaust dyeing performance with versatile dyeing processes
    — Selected dyes perform very well in C.P.B.
    — Excellent compatibility within the complete ME and ED range
    — Excellent reproducibility
    — Reliable fastness
  • Environmental friendly
    — High fixation leaves less color in effluent
    — Easy wash off saves valuable water and energy
    — Warm dyeing application consumes less energy
  • Cost-effectiveness
    — Superb color yield and high fixation
    — Smaller quantities of dyes (ca. 50%) required than conventional dyes
  • Time efficiency
    — Less chemical and dosing times are required
    — Easy washing off saves valuable time
Red ED
Red ED-3B
Red ED-4B
Red ED-S2B
Deep Red ED
Yellow ED-2G
Yellow ED
Yellow ED-R
Orange ED
Orange ED-2R
Blue ED
Navy ED
Blue ED-G
Turquoise Blue ED-G
Dark Blue ED-R
Dark Blue ED-2R
Black ED-G
Black ED-R
Black ED
Black ED Conc