ME Dyes (Bifunctional Dyes)

These are mixed bifunctional reactive dyes where Vinyl Sulphone group is linked to chromophore through a monochloro triazine group as a bridge link. They are applicable on cellulosic material at lower dyeing temperature of 60ºC. The main features of Bifunctional Dyes are as under:

  • The dye-fibre bond between Vinylsulfone group and cellulose is stable to acid hydrolysis, so that stability of dyed goods in industrial acidic atmosphere is very good with the time lapse.
  • The dyes which are not fixed during the dyeing process can be washed off easily because the hydrolysis dye has low substantivity and thus there is a little risk of staining of adjacent whites.
  • Excellent levelling properties.
  • Better reproducibility in dyeings.
  • High exhaustion and high fixation efficiency.
  • Good all round fastness properties.Bi-functional dyes are applicable on cellulosic materials by dyeing as well as printing methods.
Product CI Name
Scarlet SHF-2G 150% Reactive Red 222
Scarlet 2GF 150% Reactive Red 222A
Red GF 150% Reactive Red 223
Red ME3BL Reactive Red 194
Red 3BS 150% Reactive Red 239
Red ME4BL 150% Reactive Red 195
Red HF-6BN 150% Reactive Red 195
Red ME6BL 150% Reactive Red 250
Red BS Reactive Red 111
Product CI Name
Navy Blue ME2GL Reactive Blue 194
Brill. Blue BRF 150% Reactive Blue 221
Brill. Blue BRS 150% Reactive Blue 221A
Brill. Blue MEGN Not Indexed
Navy Blue BF 150% Reactive Blue 222
Navy Blue SB Reactive Blue 222A
Navy Blue 3GF Reactive Blue 223
Navy Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue 248
Product CI Name
Yellow ME4GL 150% Reactive Yellow 186
Yellow ME7GL 150% Reactive Yellow 185
Yellow SPR Not Indexed
Yellow 3RS Reactive Yellow 176
Golden Yellow MERL 150% Reactive Yellow 145
Golden Yellow HF-2GR 150% Reactive Yellow 145
Golden Yellow ME3RL 150% Reactive Yellow 205
Product CI Name
Orange ME2RL 150% Reactive Orange 122
Orange ME3RL 150% Reactive Orange 127