Reactive Black Mixtures

Innovative Dyestuff range with super colour yield for versatile application to meet fashion demand.

  • Continuous Dyeing
  • Printing
  • High Colour Yield
  • Versatile application
  • Multiple Shades for various application
  • Exhaust Dyeing
  • Cold Pad Batch Dyeing
  • Pad Dry Pad Steam
Black WNN
Deep Black NN
Black GNN
Black ED
Black RIT
Black RUC
Deep Black NG
Black DN Conc
Black ED Conc
Ultra Black DR
Black NNX
Deep Black N 150%
Black HFGR
Black GR
Black HFGRP-Ex
Deep Black RGB
Deep Black RGBN
Black ED-G
Black ED-R
Super Black R
Super Black R H/C
Super Black G
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